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Outsiders London Lunch to switch to Finch’s, 12a Finsbury Square EC2A 1AN

Everyone enjoyed the 35th Anniversary of the Outsiders at Finch’s in Finsbury Square — the staff were really helpful, our space was a bigger and brighter, they don’t have the television on, and the food amazing. So we are going to switch from their sister pub, Paternoster. There is an underground car park opposite, and it’s 4 minutes from Old Street tube, 6 minutes from Moorgate, and a bit further from Liverpool Street. We will put the details of transport and details up on this site (See Club – Events).20141124_Outsiders_Lunch_Finchs_Finsbury_Sq_1313

Outsiders begins in Australia

A new member who is blind, isolated but keen to help has joined up, and will be helping up publicise our club in the Australian press and amongst the various political groups. This will bring a new dynamic into our clubhouse.

Outsiders 35th Anniversary being celebrated in London

The London lunch on the 15th November will be a celebration of our 35 years of success and both old and new members are welcome to attend.1.30 to 5.30 at  Finch’s near Moorgate station, Veronica the Manager previously worked at the paternoster and knows the outsiders. Directions from Moorgate and Old Street Station and Local bus routes are below:

General Manager  Veronika Gormley Mostkova

FINCH’S 12A Finsbury Square London EC2A 1AN 020 7588331

Map from Moorgate station

Map from old street Station

Details of bus routes

This lovely pub is wheelchair accessible and sells reasonably priced delicious food.

New Book about Outsiders coming out

Founder of Outsiders, Dr Tuppy Owens (pictured below), has written a book “Supporting Disabled People with their Sexual Lives — a clear guide for health and social care professionals, which talks about Outsiders and all our work,with many quotes from members and colleagues. Publication date: 19th November.

Dr Tuppy Owens

Dr Tuppy Owens


SHADA to challenge governing bodies to include sex and disability in guidelines

18thSHADA Best

One of the reasons health and social care fail to discuss sex and relationships with their disabled clients is that they don’t feel they have permission and the training from their governing bodies. We intend to turn that around.

Outsiders Clubhouse’s new Banner

In accordance with all Outsiders literature and events, this beautiful banner has been created for our Clubhouse, to give members the feeling they are in a gorgeous, sexy (but very private and secure) environment, full of potential.