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Pre-Xmas gig for autistic people in London

Unplugged for Autism is a brand new autism-friendly gig. It’s on 16 December at The Underworld, Camden Town (not wheelchair accessible).
As an autism-friendly space, Unplugged for Autism features
acoustic acts, including three autistic acts
· pared-back lighting
· room to move around the venu
spaces to relax
· easy-read information sent out before the gig
As you know, music has always been an escape and a solace for lots of people with autism.
However, many people with autism find it really hard to get out to live shows. Sensitivity to light, touch and noise all play a part. For lots of younger people it’s a confidence issue – having been bullied throughout school they are reluctant to engage in such an intense social situation.
We want to change that, and make sure that big shows with exciting artists are accessible to people with autism!
Absolutely everyone over 14 is welcome to come along, autistic or not, and enjoy a relaxed evening with us. Money raised from the tickets goes straight to our work, helping us create a world where people are accepted and welcomed for their differences.

Tickets are £15 each available here:

Outsiders gains new Marketing Volunteer

We were delighted to welcome a new volunteer into our fold. Gill Ray will become our marketing advisor and will also take over the running of our TLC-Trust website, so that it will again become fully functional for both service providers and users.

Romina Puma performs Not Disabled Enough

Do go see this hilarious comedy act in London. It had Tuppy and Mouse in stitches all the way through. Romina, a new Trustee with the Outsiders Trust would love to see more disabled people there. Details:

Not disabled…Enough!
Sunday 8th of November at 15:30
Venue: The Backyard Club 231 Cambridge Heath Road London E2 0EL

Dr Tuppy Owens to win Lifetime Achievement Award

Founder of Outsiders, Dr Tuppy Owens is to win Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Lifestyle Awards (

Lifestyles, they say, is about being open, and respectful to every other open minded couple as long as what they do is consensual and legal. They feel that Tuppy’s lifetime achievements have huge significance to every lifestyle person.

The Awards night will take place on December 5th at Spice in Lanzarote. Because Tuppy has done enough travelling this year and is feeling totally exhausted, the Award will be accepted on her behalf by l\ondon-based disabled comedienne Romina Puma.

Next SHADA Meeting

This big Sexual Health & Disability Alliance meeting in City University on Friday 6th November will have speakers from all over the world- people  who provide various sexual services to disabled people, or train those who do, including:-

~ a striptease artist in London
~ sexological bodyworkers and Tantric practitioners from the West Country
~ founder of the TLC website for disabled men and women to reach responsible sex workers from the Highlands of Scotland
~ a trainer of sexual assistants from Geneva
~ a trainer of sexual surrogates from Israel and
~ representatives from COSWAS, a sex work project in Taiwan who encourage sex workers all over the East to see disabled clients


Three Cheers for Amnesty International

Some disabled people benefit enormously from the use of sexual services, including sex workers. Outsiders is delighted and relieved at Amnesty’s positive decision, as when sex work is criminalised, disabled people in care find they cannot go underground to find services because care workers must not break the law. Some live in terror of this happening.

Outsiders to star in two TV documentaries

Both Vice Documentaries and BBC3 will be featuring us in their international sex and disability programmes. We are world leaders in everything we do: Outsiders Club, the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance (SHADA), TLC-Trust and the Sexual Respect Tool Kit. We are soon launch SHADA International.