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New Book about Outsiders coming out

Founder of Outsiders, Dr Tuppy Owens (pictured below), has written a book “Supporting Disabled People with their Sexual Lives — a clear guide for health and social care professionals, which talks about Outsiders and all our work,with many quotes from members and colleagues. Publication date: 19th November.

Dr Tuppy Owens

Dr Tuppy Owens


SHADA to challenge governing bodies to include sex and disability in guidelines

18thSHADA Best

One of the reasons health and social care fail to discuss sex and relationships with their disabled clients is that they don’t feel they have permission and the training from their governing bodies. We intend to turn that around.

Outsiders Clubhouse’s new Banner

In accordance with all Outsiders literature and events, this beautiful banner has been created for our Clubhouse, to give members the feeling they are in a gorgeous, sexy (but very private and secure) environment, full of potential.


SHADA plan to persuade governing bodies to include sex and disability in their training, guidelines and policies

The Sexual Health and Disability Alliance are starting a project which aims to persuade all the governing bodies to include sex and disability in their training, guidelines and policies. This is because health and social care professionals who work with disabled people say they feel they don’t have permission, nor the training to include this in their holistic care.

Outsiders partners with services supporting disabled people with body image and sexual self confidence

Outsiders is forming partnerships with people and organisations around the world who are providing services to support disabled people gain a better body image and more sexual self confidence through various therapies: being drawn naked in life modelling, being painted or photographed, being touched or massaged, or attending classes providing a mixture of these things. For a list, see “Partners” in our Tool Bar.