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The Outsiders Club makes its members feel like part of a community

It was wonderful to be told this, after running the club for almost four decades ! We have survived transitions from handwriting to typing to emails, a website etc. We still receive letters from elderly disabled people who we reply to, telling them about our lunches local to them. We are now looking into digital ways to send Birthday e-cards to all members.

Sign petition for more accessible toilets in Supermarkets

Changing places is an initiative to ‘encourage’ public venues to provide accessible toilets and spaces that cater for all the differing needs of ppl with disabilities. Currently, by law, a disabled toilet is provided but these are are often unusable by a large number of people. For example: those who need hoisting, changing or even just a bit more room around the toilet for their wheelchair. Also I find it well annoying when the bars are in the wrong place or the toilet flush is on the wrong side of the toilet and I can’t reach it! Changing places is an important initiative because it aims to change this and improve current facilities which will enable people with disabilities to go out without worries about continence issues. I’ve used some of their toilet facilities and they are fantastic some of them even include showers!