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Outsiders’ Jamboree Presented by Mikey Argy MBE

The Jamboree is the Outsiders annual event to attract new members and for everybody to have fun. The date is Monday 6th June 2016.  We will have a Tactile Fashion Show with a bind members enjoying the sensation of touching the model’s outfits which are all lovely or funny to feel – silk, velvet, rope or bubblewrap. Members and volunteers model the clothing. We also have comedy, with Romina Puma, Snail Racing (where competitors around bound in cling film and race, tummy down on a slippery plastic mat.

We also have debates and this year the topic will be ‘If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.‘ – Maya Angelou.

Sunny Snake Boy will be performing a belly dance and Stacey Clare will be doing a sensual dance.

Lunch and tea is available to purchase and there is a bar. Entrance is free and anybody can come along. We will have a collection as Outsiders is unfunded.

Earl Haig Hall 18 Elder Ave, Crouch End, London N8 9TH on Monday 6th June, 2pm to 6pm
This matinée mini-ball is one of those events, with fun activities to get everyone mingling. ‘ Time Out

Some Outsiders Jamboree Photos


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Massive £50 OFF the Hold-it

Our friends at ‘Gifts For Book Lovers’ are offering a £50 discount code on the ‘Hold-it’, exclusively to ‘Outsiders’.

The Hold-it Lifts the Burden for Senior Citizens & Disabled Booklovers

Most people take reading and writing for granted. We learn these skills as a child and like most skills learnt at that age, they come quite easily. Sadly for many with limited mobility or disability, basic everyday tasks like these are a challenge, depriving many of life’s most basic pleasures — writing letters or e-mails to friends and family, video chatting with loved ones or simply reading a favorite book.

This is why Gifts for Book Lovers is proud to announce the addition of the groundbreaking ‘Hold-it to it’s innovative product range. First conceived as an ergonomic floor standing book holder, The Hold-it has evolved through strenuous design stages to also function as a multipurpose iPad, Air, iPad Mini, Tablet or Kindle holder.

The Award Winning Hold-it enables users to read and perform a number of tasks at any angle — whether sitting, standing, or lying down. It has proven especially useful for users experiencing severe neck, back, arm, and hand pain. Many wheelchair users and those with limited mobility in the hands and arms have found it invaluable.


Barrow Gurney Xmas Fair donating to Outsiderss

We are delighted that half the proceeds of this Christmas Fair will be donated to us, the first time this has ever happened! We have watched donors at a disability fair (Disability Awareness Day) put money into the collecting tins of the wealthy Leonard Cheshire Disability, but passing us by, because they are known and established and we are established but, as yet, unknown. Let’s hope this will be the start of financial stability and perhaps donations big enough to pay someone to take over from our ageing founder, Dr Tuppy Owens.

Pre-Xmas gig for autistic people in London

Unplugged for Autism is a brand new autism-friendly gig. It’s on 16 December at The Underworld, Camden Town (not wheelchair accessible).
As an autism-friendly space, Unplugged for Autism features
acoustic acts, including three autistic acts
· pared-back lighting
· room to move around the venu
spaces to relax
· easy-read information sent out before the gig
As you know, music has always been an escape and a solace for lots of people with autism.
However, many people with autism find it really hard to get out to live shows. Sensitivity to light, touch and noise all play a part. For lots of younger people it’s a confidence issue – having been bullied throughout school they are reluctant to engage in such an intense social situation.
We want to change that, and make sure that big shows with exciting artists are accessible to people with autism!
Absolutely everyone over 14 is welcome to come along, autistic or not, and enjoy a relaxed evening with us. Money raised from the tickets goes straight to our work, helping us create a world where people are accepted and welcomed for their differences.

Tickets are £15 each available here:

Outsiders gains new Marketing Volunteer

We were delighted to welcome a new volunteer into our fold. Gill Ray will become our marketing advisor and will also take over the running of our TLC-Trust website, so that it will again become fully functional for both service providers and users.