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Outsiders Trust influencing the law

Outsiders founder, Dr Tuppy Owens was featured in the Scottish Sunday Times 12.03.17 in an article ” Ban on buying of sex a ‘breach of rights’ “. Cchallenging the Scottish parliament, she told them that :-

It is illegal not to support disabled people to enjoy the same pleasures as others enjoy in the privacy of the their own homes(Equality Act 2010, Human Rights Act 1998).

This means that those disabled people who rely on sex workers must continue to have that right. She was backed up by Professor Claire de Than, Human Rights and Criminal Lawyer.

Next SHADA Meeting on 14th March

This meeting will focus on hearing loss and hearing impairment in the morning and in the afternoon we will hear from other organisations which support disabled people with their sexual lives, ie Enhance the UK, Leonard Cheshire and the British Society of Sexual Medicine . We hope to find ways to work with those organisations and support each other as we are all stigmatised and fighting the anti-sex establishment.

Outsiders Members enjoying our Clubhouse

Members appreciate a club where they feel safe – as we are the only online dating site which vets our members to ensure we don’t get predators. They support each other and make each other welcome, and slowly, people form relationships and love affairs. It is really  beautiful to observe !

Disabled members or our SHADA group tell us how valuable we are

A disabled member of the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance wrote this praise of our group:

Speaking for myself, and I suspect for every other disabled person that has had involvement with SHADA, I am extremely happy that it exists and does such a fantastic job of ensuring the provision of a vital source of information, education and a voice for the countless disabled people whose sexual needs are never addressed.

Outsiders’ fundraiser at the Hackney Showroom a blast

The Sexual Freedom Awards were packed with finalists and their fans.There were amazing winners, including one of the founders of Touching Base in Australia. the audience were really appreciative and thought it we;ll worth the £30 ticket. There will be another, same time same place next year. See

Outsiders is running a successful Crowd Funding scheme

Tuppy Owens the founder of Outsiders is really excited at how many people are generously donating to her GoFundMe appeal which you can find on

It is called The School of Sex for Disabled People – which is our latest project

Yesterday we received a donation from the iconic pioneer Annie Sprinkle, who has so many Facebook friends that she is not allowed any more!

New TLC website to be launched – for disabled men and women to find responsible sexual services

Our TLC website is unique in the world and very useful for disabled people who want to discover what their bodies are capable of enjoying, how to please a partner and enjoy sex. At last a new version will be launched which will include Tantric practitioners, sexological bodyworkers and enablers. The url is – see Resources