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Description of our London lunches by artist Eric Phipps

Eric (a long-time member who is not in the Clubhouse yet) wrote us a letter to say, ‘The lunches are like a magic hat- always reassuringly the same, a steady reference point in my life, but each time different rabbits get pulled out of it! Thank you for this conjuring trick.’

The next lunch will be held on Saturday 8th August and will be a picnic (bring something to share) at 1.30pm in Russell Square. We sit near the Tea Hut in the NE corner and venture inside if it’s raining. We expect lots of new people.

Outsiders lunches In the Midlands & London

On 6th June (1st Saturday) the Midlands lunch will take place at the The Old Contemptibles Pub, 176 Edmund Street, Birmingham, B3 2HB. It’s right opposite Snow Hill train station so you can get there by train, or it’s a short walk or taxi ride from New Street Station. The food is delicious and the service respectful and friendly. If you’d like to meet the organiser, Angharad outside the pub first (because you are shy and nervous to enter on your own) then you can email her on  She will give you a number so you can text us when you get there. Also if you would like to talk about your needs; i.e. if you have any communication difficulties then please feel free to email her to have a chat about what you need. If you want to have a look at the menus then you can see them on their website

The next Saturday is the London lunch – which will be a time for members to talk about how their skills add to their lives and confidence, and they will have the chance to demonstrate, see Club/Events on our home page

Outsiders starts working with Deliciously Disabled

Deliciously Disabled, run by Andrew Morrison-Gurza provides a new language to describe disability that is sexy, fun and most importantly, accessible to everyone. At the same time, he is ensuring that disability is properly and openly represented in LGBTQ+ culture, to deconstruct our homo-normative, body beautiful ideals.

Andrew is based in Toronto.

New Lunches to be held in Manchester & Liverpool

We are pleased to announce that we will be starting regular North West of England Outsiders Lunches in Manchester and Liverpool, starting with a Manchester lunch on Saturday 20th June. This lunch will be publicised in the Mancunian Matters newspaper as well as being promoted on Unity Radio Manchester, as well as amongst all our members and friends and colleagues in the NW of England.

The lunch will take place in the accessible gastro-pub :

The Wharf, 6, Slate Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester M15 4ST at 1.30pm
0161 220 2960

Nearest station: Deansgate which is totally wheelchair accessible.

Deansgate trains go to and from Manchester Airport, Oxford Street and Piccadilly, also to Liverpool Lime Street, Southport, Preston and Buxton.

Outsiders contributes to Public Health Today

The Faculty of Public Health invited us to write an editorial article to the June issue of their magazine, Public Health Today.

This mag is the professional home for more than 3,300 public health specialists, many of whom work at a senior level in local authorities in roles that include influencing the way services are commissioned.

The June issue has the theme of sex, and and we have provided the article about disability and sex. Watch this space!

Irish Cuddle Salon

This group near Dublin runs regular, organised gatherings and opportunities to experience consensual, mindful, non-sexual touch and affection in a welcoming, safe, nurturing, obligation-free environment. Maybe we need something like that in Outsiders since many of our members are touch-deprived – any offers from Cuddle professionals out there?



Tuppy to speak at

Founder of Outsiders, Dr Tuppy Owens will be  speaking about her work at this year’s AASECT (American Association of Sex Education, Counselling and Therapy) Summer Institute where the theme is ‘Sexual Kaleidoscope: Sexual Expressions for All Abilities’. This will be held In St. Louis, Missouri, U.S, August 69.

Outsiders gets offers of support at Conference ‘Sexual Cultures – Academia meets the Activism’

The Conference ‘Sexual Cultures – Academia meets the Activism’ (University of Sunderland London Campus on April 8th – 10th 2015) featured Dr Tuppy Owens talking about Outsiders. One of the delegates, Professor Nick Fox said that Tuppy should not be having to do all this work alone, and academics should be supporting her with research projects. This was the first time we have ever been recognised as doing important work for free, and deserving of support from Academia. HOORAY!

Outsiders members find coming to their first Outsiders lunch unnescessarily dauting

Members discussed our lunches at the London Lunch in April and related how it took them a lot of courage to enter their first Outsiders lunch. They felt shy. But this vanished after one minute as they we greeted and introduced around. It’s lots of people having fun, very relaxed and informal. One member described it as like jumping into a cold pool and it feeling very nice.

One member appreciated the fact that there is no Outsiders sign up and we are inconspicuous. Another said at her first lunch she was invited out to dinner – which was her first dinner as a wheelchair user, and how speaci